reliquary of labor 47
celloscope remix
Today’s episode is a bit of a switch. If you’ve examined the reliquary of labor website or podcast, you should know that we encourage our visitors and podcast followers to participate in this project by creating other pieces or remixes from these sound, noise, music, photo and video pieces and submitting them to us for inclusion in the reliquary of labor project -
A couple of weeks ago Lief Ellis sent me a MAX/MSP + Jitter remix of a video I had posted, and just this morning I received a music/noise piece from Phil Acimovic who created it from sound sources collected from our site.
In the spirit of wanting to encourage this kind of dialog in sound and image I took these two separate submissions, with no editing except for title, credits and a fade at the end, and combined them into one. Like a Cage/Cunningham assemblage these two parts live quite happily next to each other.
I look forward to receiving additional remixes
and other discussions in sound, noise, music
and picture.